Steve Beringer

Steve Beringer

The Pan-Florida Challenge is for HUNGRY KIDS


Together we RIDE to END Kids’ Hunger - 1 meal at a time.  Our challenge goal is 2,000,000 meals.


Who’s hungry?  Tiny kid’s faces paint the new portrait of Hunger.

  • 1 out of 4 Local South Florida Kids Suffer without enough food
  • PFC Rider-Heroes will ride past 79,030 hungry kids across 7 Counties
  • Chronic Malnutrition afflicts 22% of all Haitian Kids under 5 years old


We can cure kids' hunger - 1 meal at a time. Join us!

Thousands of hungry kids will THANK YOU. 

Photo Credit -Dorothy Edwards, Staff, Naples Daily News 

Donor Roll

Steve B. $50.00
Harry B. $50.00
Theresa. B. $50.00
john v. $25.00
Tom & Ginny F. $100.00
Karen S. $25.00
martha b. $25.00
Susan F. $110.00
Jami C. $55.00
Thomas W. $55.00
Michael B. $75.00 NJ - Proudly represented
Chere K. $230.00
Leo D. $55.00 Is Steve wearing spandex? Good cause!
Michael G B. $55.00
Marissa B. $110.00
Steve & Alla C. $30.00
Tom K. $75.00
Thomas B. $55.00 What is the tensile strength of Spandex? Hoping for a tailwind!
Lemor D. $50.00
Drew B. $55.00
Leo G. $110.00 Good luck on the ride!
Patricia B. $55.00
Brian B. $100.00
Jim B. $55.00
Kim H. $25.00
Craig D. $110.00
Tim B. $110.00 We know you can do this - Hayden will be cheering for you!!!! Go Papa Go!!!!
Carol M. $55.00
rick b. $50.00 We will pray for you.
Rebecca B. $50.00 Good Luck biking across Florida!
Christine B. $110.00
Kathy M. $110.00
Anonymous $500.00
Tom O. $55.00
Bill K. $110.00

Fundraiser Goal

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