Michael Green

Michael Green

Member of team: HelpForHaitiFeed MyStarvingChildren

I'm taking the Pan-Florida Challenge for Hungry Kids, the 180 Mile Ride across Florida to raise 2,000,000 meals for hungry kids!  I decided to ride across Florida March 11th & 12th as part of the Help for Haiti - Feed My Starving Children Team.The other riders and I are taking the challenge! We start in Naples on Saturday morning, and cross Florida, 180 miles over 2 days to finish at Pepper Park Beachside in Fort Pierce on Sunday afternoon. Join us!   www.panfloridachallenge.org

Why?  To feed 2,000,000 meals to hungry kids!  We plan on making a big dent in childhood hunger, the hidden epidemic in Florida.  This ride also helps to support Help for Haiti, with the goal to Feed, Educate & Employ children in the wake of the past Haiti disasters.  The Help for Haiti Team truly appreciates and counts on the continued support from the Pan Florida Challenge and we want and need to do our part for this great cause.

I welcome your support. Thousands of hungry kids will thank you!

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Either way, your support will help me get through the Pan-Florida Challenge.

Thank you!


The Pan-Florida Challenge is for HUNGRY KIDS


Together we RIDE to END Kids’ Hunger - 1 meal at a time.  Our challenge goal is 2,000,000 meals.


Who’s hungry?  Tiny kid’s faces paint the new portrait of Hunger.

  • 1 out of 4 Local South Florida Kids Suffer without enough food
  • PFC Rider-Heroes will ride past 79,030 hungry kids across 7 Counties
  • Chronic Malnutrition afflicts 22% of all Haitian Kids under 5 years old


We can cure kids' hunger - 1 meal at a time. Join us!

Thousands of hungry kids will THANK YOU. 

Photo Credit -Dorothy Edwards, Staff, Naples Daily News 

Donor Roll

Michael G. $50.00
Jim W. $110.00
Susan G. $110.00 Great cause Michael. Ride safe and have fun!! Love Susan
Scott W. $110.00
George W. $110.00
Christopher B. $110.00
Daniel & Lynn S. $110.00 Great Cause! Have a Safe Ride Uncle Michael. Love, Lynn & Dan
David G. $55.00
Lisa M. $30.00 Ride on to this awesome cause Michael. Ride Safe - Lisa, Luanne and Grant
Carolyn D. $110.00
Elise W. $25.00
Colleen and Gerald B. $200.00
Michael G. $260.00 Great Ride. Great Cause. I hope to do it again next year.

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