Jim Guzi

Jim Guzi

The Pan-Florida Challenge is for HUNGRY KIDS


Together we RIDE to END Kids’ Hunger - 1 meal at a time.  Our challenge goal is 2,000,000 meals.


Who’s hungry?  Tiny kid’s faces paint the new portrait of Hunger.

  • 1 out of 4 Local South Florida Kids Suffer without enough food
  • PFC Rider-Heroes will ride past 79,030 hungry kids across 7 Counties
  • Chronic Malnutrition afflicts 22% of all Haitian Kids under 5 years old


We can cure kids' hunger - 1 meal at a time. Join us!

Thousands of hungry kids will THANK YOU. 

Photo Credit -Dorothy Edwards, Staff, Naples Daily News 

Donor Roll

Jim G. $50.00
Anonymous $110.00
Anonymous $110.00 In support of Jim Guzzi
Richard S. $55.00 Way to go Jim! The OREO's are so proud of you.
Lisa M. $50.00 Good luck on your ride.
Laurian B. $25.00
Paul P. $55.00 Tina and I will not forget your willingness to stop and lend a huge helping hand with changing a flat tire that set us back on Summerlin Rd in Fort Myers last month. We were in for a long wait for AAA until you came along on your bike. Thanks again for your valuable assistance and best of luck with your Challenge ride on March 11th and 12th. Look us up next February. We'll be staying at the Del Tura Country Club off the Tamiami Trail in North Fort Myers. Paul & Tina Palermo
Sarah and Greg C. $120.00 We are so proud of you Dad, your amazing! Have a great ride.
Diane V. $30.00 Jim: Have a Great Ride!
william b. $25.00
Frank M. $25.00
Virginia F. $110.00 Best of luck on your ride!
Robert B. $100.00
Susan w. $75.00
Ralph Y. $50.00
Stewart and Dee Ann M. $25.00
Virginia A. $25.00
Rosemary F. $20.00
Jerry and Linda C. $50.00
Terrence and Lorraine D. $50.00
Jeffrey H. $50.00
John N. $50.00
Sandy and Dave R. $50.00
Wayne B. $20.00
Chuck B. $20.00
Judith T. $20.00
Norma and Jerry G. $20.00
Harry and Louise B. $20.00
Madlyne and Ed G. $20.00
Derek and Barb M. $25.00
John M. $5.00
Kathy and Dan G. $30.00
Judith and Terry M. $50.00
Dolly C. $20.00
Edith C. $10.00
Jim D. $25.00
Marlene and Dennis R. $20.00
Gary and Judy W. $20.00
Thelma and Sam D. $20.00
Dena and John V. $20.00
Dennis R. $10.00
Phyllis S. $10.00
Shirley and George J. $30.00
Gale K. $5.00
Dave B. $50.00
Bev and Don L. $20.00
Candy and Dick F. $10.00
Alice and Gene B. $50.00
Nancy M. $10.00
Pete W. $20.00
Frank W. $10.00
Jim K. $20.00
Ruth and Bud H. $20.00
Shirley and Carl B. $10.00
Jerry D. $20.00
Annie B. $20.00
Leanna S. $20.00
Crista S. $5.00
David & Becky R. $8.00
Bob F. $5.00
Paul K. $30.00
Bobbi and Doug M. $17.00
Jim G. $8.00

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