Eva Christ

Eva Christ

Member of team: Chicago Steel for Kids

Dear friends and supporters,

I do not like asking for money. Fundraising means asking for money. Please just spend 5 $, if you can, that is great enough!

In one of the richest countries of the world kids go hungry. Florida looks rich when you stay at the beaches and stay in the holiday bubble but in some areas here every second person lives under the poverty line. I am glad there are people who opened their eyes to that. Of course the kids are the first to get the immediate impact. Here is no government taking care of the marginalized people. I worked all my life with kids and as my personal philosophy goes, you and everybody else can make a difference anywhere in the world. As little as feeding them.

I am not a road biker. I am a mountain person and rode the first time in my life a road bike the other day. Fun!

I am only here in Naples for three months, Florida people have treated me well and this is as little I can give back.

Don't wish me luck, wish the kids luck, that when they grow out of the privileged -kids age that some great fundraiser will still support the marginalized in their education out of poverty.

Thank you all!


The Pan-Florida Challenge is for HUNGRY KIDS


Together we RIDE to END Kids’ Hunger - 1 meal at a time.  Our challenge goal is 2,000,000 meals.


Who’s hungry?  Tiny kid’s faces paint the new portrait of Hunger.

  • 1 out of 4 Local South Florida Kids Suffer without enough food
  • PFC Rider-Heroes will ride past 79,030 hungry kids across 7 Counties
  • Chronic Malnutrition afflicts 22% of all Haitian Kids under 5 years old


We can cure kids' hunger - 1 meal at a time. Join us!

Thousands of hungry kids will THANK YOU. 

Photo Credit -Dorothy Edwards, Staff, Naples Daily News 

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Anonymous $10.00
Anonymous $50.00
Wendy T. $55.00 Go Eva!!! So proud of you doing this. I'm supporting you Girl!!!
Anonymous $180.00 180 miles?!? Dang, you go girl!!! Peddle Powering for a great cause. Life just can't get much better than that! RIDE ON!!!
Mary L. $55.00 Go Eva.............you are a very kind, loving spirit!
Nancy B. $110.00
Ed P. $200.00
Jim C. $230.00 Go Eva you tiger you. Fantastic stuff young lady. You are an inspiration to all of us.
Susan T. $1,250.00
Anonymous $20.00 This donation comes from kind Beverly, the most wonderful 85 year old lady with the most charming laugh ever. Keep on laughing and Eva will cycle for the Kiddos!

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