Pan-Florida Challenge for Hungry Kids 2017

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The Pan-Florida Challenge is for Hungry Kids

Together we ride to END Kids’ Hunger. 

2,000,000 meals is our Goal. 


Who’s hungry?  Tiny kids' faces are the new portrait of Hunger. 

  • 1 out of 4 local Florida kids suffer without enough food*
  • PFC Riders ride past 79,030 hungry kids across 7 Florida Counties*
  • Kids suffering from poor nutrition miss more school, suffer developmental setbacks, social and behavioral challenges - all because they're hungry. 
  • If 64% + of local elementary school students in South Florida eat free or reduced breakfast & lunch at school, what do they eat over the weekends?  Not enough. We believe we can end childhood food insecurity in Florida. We can cure hunger - 1 meal at a time. 

100% of donations to PFC Riders buy meals for hungry kids. 

Take the PFC Challenge & Donate Today.  Help us restore Monday's lost learning and end generational poverty through equal access to education. How? Lets feed them

Thousands of hungry kids will THANK YOU.


Photo Credit -Dorothy Edwards, Staff, Naples Daily News